Baseball Season

Baseball season is upon us, friends. Over lunch the other day, we were discussing amongst ourselves, speculating why it is that we all get so excited about baseball season. What is it about this slow, methodical game that still gets us to energized?

And after talking through it, we began to realize that baseball teaches us important things. Even still. The way we seek to work and operate mirrors that of the baseball season. We try to be slow and intentional, operating with a larger vision and plan in all of our small initiatives and moves. We acknowledge that every day counts, even when we are in it for the long stretch. And sometimes your best pitcher's fastball is going to hit a bird that happens to be flying by. There's nothing you can do about that. It happens. But you have to compose yourself and keep playing.

Other sports, like Cricket, take this concept to an even further level.

Although we have affection for Cricket and will work to understand and experience this game more, baseball is still our favorite bat and ball game, and we've realized that we like baseball because it gives us a helpful way of navigating our projects, and regular life for that matter. So we say, Go Sounds.  This is our year…