a fresh set of eyes

Work can be difficult. And while we are certainly thankful to have it, it is not always easy, and there are even times that are not fun. I think we are all quite familiar with that. Spending a lot of time each week trying to stay up on all the various projects we have going is a lot to manage. Work requires a certain amount of commitment and perseverance when we are periodically faced with frustrations and disappointments that inevitably come with managing projects.

The sense of melancholy that such an experience can produce, though, was immediately dispelled this morning. When you are breaking new ground, you sometimes feel as though you're pushing through brick wall, and despite the battles, you must continue to persevere with excitement and anticipation for discovering the right solution. I believe we are on the other side of one of these situations this morning, largely as a result of going back and re-visiting one of our client's trailers. We've seen it before, as we've been working with the brand for a while now. But watching the trailer this morning was different; I was not watching to critique, or to share, or as a part of a meeting. I simply watched out of interest, and I absolutely loved it. It's exciting, well-produced, and it has me thrilled to experience the finished product, apart from any agenda. And that's a special experience to have after spending so much time battling through new territory. It’s always exciting to experience the joys of moving through these issues and of being reminded of the bigger visions for the projects we have the privilege to undertake.

I think that's what keeps us motivated at Brentwood Studios. We work with our clients because we think they are creating products that need to be made. Put simply, we believe in the brands we work with, and we are excited to be a part of the projects. And that makes doing the work all the more meaningful and exciting even throughout the ups and downs.