Industry Change

The kids entertainment space is a fascinating arena. While much of the industry has the same goals and values it always has, much of the mechanics have shifted in recent years. Take, for example, the release and popularity of Sling TV and HBO Now. These platforms are terrific in that they represent new ways of bringing content to customer markets.

The underlying reality and lesson of the rampant success of these streaming services is that people consume in manny different ways in 2015. This similar pattern has expanded into Christian retail as well. No longer do Christian consumers look exclusively to christian media outlets and bookstores, even for their Christian content. While these places are still crucial for business, the diversification of consumption requires that the distribution techniques of kids products also diversify.

One of the questions we are constantly asking ourselves at Brentwood Studios is: What does it look like for us to reach consumers in the channels of consumption they are engaging with? In terms of kids content, what else can we do? Where else can we distribute in order to connect products with consumers? Tools like Right Now Media are starting to pursue these newly emerging streams of distribution, and we anticipate seeing more services like this in the near future. We are looking forward to seeing the ways in which Right Now Media continues to investigate and pave the way for these new streams of distribution. And we are excited about partnering with producers to identify and highlight these newly emerging streams with our clients.