Why We Are Blogging

Isn't it a little late in the game to jump into the blog scene? What could we possibly have to contribute to the wide world of the internet? These are the things we've been asking ourselves lately, and we actually surprised ourselves with the answer, which you can probably conclude by the very fact that you're reading our inaugural post right now.

We have a few different goals for this new (to us) space. We want to create a platform in which we can share insights about the children's entertainment industry. We believe that we have a unique set of insights into this space, and we've been in it long enough to have seen it change through a number of different phases. We want and hope this to be an outlet for our observations and analyses of trends in that industry space.

We also, though, want to have an outlet for fun and funny tidbits or opinions into things. The posts will be occasional, but we are more convinced now than ever that the outside world deserves a peek into the hilarities going on at Brentwood Studios.