March Madness and Pizza Wednesday

I am sad to report that all of us at Brentwood Studios did terribly in our March Madness bracket. By any standard understanding of 'success' or 'achievement,' we should not have even crowned a victor. But the rules dictated that someone reign victorious, and he has been chosen, even in the midst of his disgusting, disappointing bracket.

How did Mitt Romney and the twelve year old kid from ESPN's challenge score so highly? What is it that these two forces of nature had that we do not? I can't say. 

The only thing that could bring this group of losers any solace was our longest standing company tradition: pizza wednesday. 

There is a Whole Foods a short walk from where we office, and every Wednesday, we head down as a group to partake. And we feast; we don't look back. Many days during the week we end up working through lunch or splitting ways to take different meetings. But not on Wednesdays. Wednesday is pizza day. Whenever the weather permits, we take our pizza outside and eat from a park bench just outside the office. And for an hour or so at a time, we rest and eat together. We eat, we talk, and we laugh. 

Apart from just allowing us to eat a ton of pizza, Pizza Wednesday has been great for us. This time allows us to catch up with one another, and Bob tends to keep the rest of us rolling in laughter. There is something about being intentional with our time and taking a rest together, doing something fun as a group, that is incredibly enriching. And we've actually discovered that it tends to put the rest of our work into perspective. We are interested in communication, ideas and partnerships, and Pizza Wednesdays has been a hilarious reminder of that. Because at the end of the day, we are in this together, and we ultimately believe that we can benefit from teamwork, especially when building out a march madness bracket.

But for now, I am starting to research teams for next year, and I am have got my money on The University of Phoenix for 2016...